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Interesting facts about car removal in Melbourne

When we talk about auto removal and wrecking services it seems less interesting to most people. In fact, many auto owners feel that car removal services are very complex. This creates the need to learn and understand more about auto recycling companies.

So, people will have a good idea about how removal services work and why to choose them. There are a large number of wonderful and interesting benefits related to the vehicle removal services.

This post explains some interesting facts that will grab your interest towards free vehicle removal service:

  1. Scrap car removal companies generally reported to recycle 14 million tons of steel extracted from unwanted or scrap vehicles. As a result, today’s automobiles are considered as the most recycled consumer products across the globe.
    Every year, nearly 25 million tons of materials including parts and metals are salvaged from old vehicles for recycling.
  2. When it comes to international auto recycling industry, it is already about 75 years old. After extracting and recycling auto spare parts they are sold at reasonable rates.
    These are offered to wholesalers and retailers at half the price of brand new parts.
  3. Out 27 million automobiles that reach their useful lives, only 80% are recovered for recycling. Whereas the rest 20% of parts are non-recyclable and referred as “Auto Shredder Residue”. This leftover may include fabric, dirt, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous steel materials, etc.
  4. Even if scrap automobiles are ditched in landfills with toxic wastes, 99% of batteries can be recycled.
  5. The recycled material of vehicles is used in manufacturing sandals, roadways, vehicle’s floor carpets and even playgrounds. Around 12 million new automobiles manufactured consists of recycled and reused. Sometimes auto parts like windshields can also be recycled.
  6. Recycling the oil removed from old or junk automobiles is recycled safely. This helps in saving about 80 million barrels of oil every year.
  7. Removal and recycling of unwanted automobiles have significantly decreased the number of road accidents. This is achieved by removing abandoned and non-working automobiles from roads and highways.
  8. After recycling automobiles toxic substances are not simply put to landfills. They are taken care of properly so as to avoid any damage to the environment. The most advance technology is used to dispose your wheels in an eco-friendly way. Most of the DIY’s use auto spare parts for using in the manufacturing of kitchen tools, gates, ornaments, picnic equipment, furniture, etc.
  9. Highly valuable components such as transmissions, alternators, electronic modules and infotainment systems. These are either turned to their original condition or exchanged AS IS.
  10. Highways and roads have been banned when it comes to driving automobiles. Every well-established and legitimate auto recycling companies bear approximately $50 million. This is commonly because they had to work in agreement with environmental guidelines.
  11. Various reputed and professional vehicle pickup companies accept every kind of vehicles whether wrecked, or unregistered. However, you‘ll need to show them at least some ownership proof.
  12. Recycling 1 ton of steel help in preserving 2500 pounds of iron ore, 120 pounds of limestone and 1400 pounds of coal from natural resources.

Now that you have learned amazing facts about the car removals and auto recycling process. Make sure to hire and reap benefits of their services. This way you can use your worthless eyesore and contribute to helping the environment and the economy.

Don’t forget that sooner you decide your automobile’s removal, you might get more money out of parts.

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