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Differences in Cash for Cars Efforts around the World

Cash for Car companies are fast becoming popular in the modern world of car sales. As a means of selling one’s vehicle quickly, and with little or no hassle. There is hardly any difference in the amount you get for your old ride. Depending on the company you sell to. You might even get more than you would have if you sold privately.

The effectiveness of these companies is made apparent by the fact that they have popped up in so many different countries. There are C4C outfits everywhere now, from the sprawling new world of America to the former prison colony of Australia. But are they exactly the same, or do they operate differently based on the laws and the culture of their respective homelands? Let’s take a look, shall we?



The Cash for Car scene in Australia is thriving. If you have a junk car or old car that you want to sell quickly and effortlessly. You will certainly be spoiled for choice if you live in this country. The good news here is that the industry is well regulated.

Anyone starting a C4C business being required by law to get all the relevant documents, such as the LAMCT, in order to make the whole enterprise legit.

United States

As a result of the economic crash of ’08, the government of the USA started a program called the “Cash for Clunkers” scheme. It was designed to help provide a stimulus to the economy at the time. It was known formally as the Car Allowance Rebate System. However, the program ended Unfortunately, America didn’t benefit from it as much as they would have liked and the scheme ended a few months after it started.

Other than that, the States have their fair share of C4C companies as well.


Canada also had its own auto scrappage program called the Retire Your Ride Program. It was done in co-operation with the Automotive Recyclers of Canada, and was completely voluntary. People that took part in the scheme by offering their junk vehicles up for recycling got rewards, like a public transit pass. It ended on March 31, 2011.

Canada also has a National Code of Practice that sets out rules for auto recycling companies to follow. These rules dictate how best to dismantle automobiles and dispose of any toxic chemicals. Canadian auto wreckers are more environmentally friendly as a result.

United Kingdom

The scrappage incentive scheme is an initiative in the UK formulated to help clean up the scrap auto problem in that country. Vehicles manufactured before 1999 are able to sell said cars for GBP 2000.

All of these efforts are important because older machines are worse for the environment, and a lot of the programs mentioned help people get rid of old cars and buy newer more fuel efficient ones. They haven’t been perfect, however. The American efforts ended up losing money. The actual environmental benefits of these types of programmes will become more apparent further down the line, but the fact of the matter is climate change will probably occur regardless because we simply are not doing enough to curtail it, and a lot of people in power are beholden to the interests of big oil companies and have tailored their opinions to suit.

But it’s nice to see countries make some kind of effort.

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