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Should I junk my car or fix it?


Your trusty car has acted as a valiant steed for years now. As the years have passed it has slowly but surely began spending more and more time in the shop getting repairs. Is it beginning to resemble a terrible joke? The vehicle you would once take a bullet for has seemingly decided it won’t play ball anymore. But that just isn’t the case. It has simply gotten old. You may be asking yourself “should I junk my car?”.

Should you continue down this road? Or should you take a different route and dispose of that pesky machine once and for all? Here are some considerations on how to make your mind up on this matter, so you can turn your mind to more important concerns, like eliminating poverty. Just your car with the reputed Wreckers like Wreck Monster and find the best way to get the cash for junk cars.

Ten Great Reasons for Selling Your Vehicle to WreckMonster

How much money is being spent on maintenance?

Calculate how much you are currently spending annually on keeping your vehicle in its status as “road worthy”. Include regular trips to the shop for ordinary issues that always need doing anyway, and add that to the finances sunk into the major repairs that seem to be happening every other week.

After tapping away at a calculator and finally getting a rough number you can take that number and divide it into 12, for the amount of months in a year. If the amount for each month is higher than the amount you would be paying for a payment on a brand new car then you might want to consider making the necessary moves to remedy your current predicament by taking part in the activity of getting cash for junk cars.


Don’t forget the amount of money that you pay for insurance. A brand new car or even a second hand car that doesn’t need repairing all the time will have higher insurance costs.


Dealerships often offer incentives to entice people into emptying their bank accounts into investing in a brand new automobile. One of them is free maintenance for a limited amount of time. It would be imperative that this gets factored into the decision making process. It might turn out that you would be better off.

New vs Used Cars

Buying used vehicles means getting a car that may have its own history of problems. Find out about those problems by having a mechanic look at the car, and also look at the maintenance records. Compare any issues with the ones you are currently experiencing with the car you are driving now. You really don’t want to dispose of your current vehicle only to buy one that is just as bad, or worse.

Find out how much your current car is worth

Don’t just look at valuation book, check out online forums and talk to people to get a basic idea of what the value of your automobile is.

Safety issues

The most important thing to consider, because it literally could be the difference between life and death. Are your brake pads working? How well do the seat-belts keep you secured? Is there an airbag installed to keep you cushioned in the event of an accident?

Make smart decision on your own & Make online cash for cars now.

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