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How to extend the life of your tyres


No matter what type of vehicle we drive, we all want our tyres to be durable and reliable enough to use for a long time-period. Well! The only great way to ensure this is checking and maintaining your vehicle tyres on a regular basis. This will not help you stay safer on the road, but it will also save your money in many ways. As it will help you to spend less money on fuel and extend the life of your tyres so you don’t need to shell out for new ones very quickly.

Here are some good tips to maximize your tyres life:

Keep a regular check on its condition      

It is crucial to check the condition of your vehicle tyres and look out for the signs of any damage or stress from time to time. Sometimes you may be easily able to identify any damage while sometimes you may need the help of a professional tyre specialist. However, if the condition is getting worse then you can go with some cheap options like buying used tyres from the used car parts sellers like Kingauto where you can get the highest quality tyres and wheels at affordable prices.

Maintain the correct tyre pressure

Tyre as are indeed a very important part of our automobiles. That’s why, it is imperative to check the pressure in your vehicle’s wheels on a regular basis, at least once in a month and before going on a family trip. When tyres go flat or under inflated they can start to overheat, which results in more rubber contact with the road and increase the wear and tear. However, if your wheels are over inflated, they will have less contact with the tarmac which will cause uneven wear.

If you don’t own personal tyre pressure gauge, you can use the service provided by Petrol Station and get the pressure checked at least once every four times you go to fuel up your vehicle.

Also, look out for signs which indicates that you need to have your wheels checked. You can obviously look for flat or under inflated tyres that are curving outwards at the bottom and result in sluggish turning and poor handling of automobile. Maintain the exact pressure as suggested by your auto manufacturer in your owner’s manual. You can also find this information on the placard which is placed inside the glove box or in one of the front door jambs. Make sure to check the condition of spare wheel as well.

The best time to check the pressure of your wheels is when they are almost cool. This is because if the air in them has expanded enough, it will provide an inaccurate reading.

Rotate your tyres

Basically, you should rotate your tyres after covering every 10,000kms on your odometer and when observes any uneven wear on one of more wheels. Make sure that your wheels can be rotated properly because some of them are manufactured to run in one direction or only at the rear or front. You can seek this information in your vehicle’s handbook.  However, there is a standard sequence of rotation according to the type of wheels you are using in your automobile. 

Keep your wheels properly aligned

When you observe irregular wear and tear in your wheels, or your vehicle doesn’t run in the right direction when you point the steering wheel straight, make sure to check the tyres alignment. You must ensure to take it to an auto professionals, if you hit something badly with your front wheel. Ask them to check the wheel alignment and rotate them properly.

Prevent driving at top speeds

If you drive at high speeds, it will obviously cause more damage to your wheels due to poor road surfaces, building up of heat and damage from objects on the road.

Never exceed the loading capacity of your vehicle

It is indeed important to never overload your vehicle with respect to your automobile’s tyre load index. You can find it on the placard that also give the suitable tyre pressures. Driving an overloaded vehicle can build up too much heat, which damage the wheels.

If you would like to see the visual version of how to extend the life of your tyres then we found this video helpful.

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