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Practical Used Car Buying Tips

Are you planning to buy pre-owned wheels? If yes, then we have got some implications for you to make your buying experience good. As many of you may find it daunting or terrific.

These easy-to-understand tips will help you to find the right wheels without getting screwed:

Plan your budget

Vehicles come in all price ranges. So, before heading to a dealer, make sure to know what you can afford. While planning your budget, don’t forget to include monthly auto finance payment including interest and operating expenses like gas, repair and maintenance and vehicle insurance charges.



Furthermore, the moment you are set with your budget. Search for vehicles within your price range. You can take recommendation of an expert auto trader near you. Or you can also visit carmaker websites, to check the cars in stock in your area. Remember to choose cars at a price less than your monthly budget so as to give yourself some space to cover the operating expense.

Shortlist few vehicles

Limit your choice of few most liked models. Start researching for those on the automaker’s website to check out their availability in your area. Used auto reviews from a reputable websites can help you in getting clear opinion. Have a look at all the reviews to get a fair choice for yourself.

Look for financing options

Before heading straight to the used car buyer or dealer, look for pre-financing options. Make sure to secure financing from a financial institution in advance so that you can compare it later with the dealer’s price.

Get details from the seller

Contact the second hand auto dealer, and get all the information about the vehicle you are purchasing. Inquire about its make, model, mileage, reason for selling, condition and if there are any faults which are not revealed in the photos. Also, get the details of its previous service records and history.

Get the inspection done

Make a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle by yourself or with the help of an expert auto trader. Here are some points to consider while doing the inspection:

  • Inspect if there are any dings and scratches on the body of the vehicle.
  • Check if there are signs of any fuel leakage, check under the bonnet.
  • Look at all the tyres to look for the tyre tread left.
  • Before going to test-drive, start the vehicle when its engine is cold, to ensure it’s starting properly.
  • To check if the car had ever been damaged look for welding marks and paint overspray.

Check the vehicle’s ownership

Cautiously go through the car’s history. In addition, check if it was stolen, and if there are any loan and insurance left unpaid. Get the vehicle’s identification number and you can check all the details about it.

Go for the test-drive

To check the power-steering problems, turn it left and right. Ensure it’s engine is working well and not making any irregular noises. Check if the gears are shifting smoothly. It is recommended to check the hand brakes on a hilly road to ensure that they are correctly adjusted.

Negotiate the price

Research about the current value of the model you are going to purchase beforehand, so you know whether you are being offered a fair price. There are so many Cash for Cars Companies who get agree to take the bargaining on the final price anyways.

Documentation & Settlement

Finally, Organise the documents. Get the original copies of registration certificate and service records. While making payment, get the receipt from the seller with his required details and signature on it.

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