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How to get the quick cash for car with a blown head gasket?

When you realise that your vehicle’s engine is not running properly or the temperature gauge reads very high, it can indicate to some serious problem with your vehicle. In such cases, people usually take their vehicles to an experienced mechanic and learn that their engine has a blown head gasket.

Getting a blown head gasket fixed is very expensive. In most cases it can cost you around $1k-$3k to repair it. Sometimes the situation gets even worse, when you have an overheated engine and warped cylinder head. You may need to get some extra work done that would cost you additional money. It takes around 3 days to get this job done, which involves complete disassembling of the top of the engine. If you continue to drive a vehicle with a blown head gasket, it can cause serious problems in the automobile.

At this point of time, people’s head starts spinning, as most of them don’t even know what a head gasket is, how it works and what causes it to blow.

So, what is the definition of Blown Head Gasket?

Firstly, the head gasket is located where the cylinder head and cylinder block meet. It is located there so that in case of a mechanical breakdown the cylinder head and block can be easily taken apart. It has mainly to seal three areas between the cylinder head and block, i.e. the coolant, compression and oil. When it blows the coolant leaks everywhere and leads to overheating engine. 

What is the approximate cost to buy Head Gasket?

Generally, it’s going to cost you from $30 to $50 to get a new head gasket. They are simply made out of coated steel and so they are not much expensive. Many people often wonder why it costs so much to repair a blown head gasket, when they are not much costly to purchase. The reason is simply because it takes a few days and a lot of efforts to repair a head gasket.

How much it will cost to replace a Head Gasket?

Many people often think of just selling their automobile and purchasing a new one because getting a blown head gasket replaced can cost so much. The expenditure can climb all the way up to $1000 or may be more dollars in different cases. The costs of replacement may, however vary based on the factors such as make, model and age of the automobile. It actually costs more in vehicles with V6 and V8 engines as they have two heads.

The answer is simple because of the duration of time that the repair work takes. In the repair process, the whole top half of the engine is completely separated. After the repair work, a lot of other problems have also discovered that require urgent treatment.

What are the symptoms of a blown head gasket?

When your vehicle’s engine gets overheated, the temperature gauges are very high and this indicates a blown head gasket. Since engine overheating is generally caused when a gasket is blown. Hence, if you have an overheated engine, just check under the hood to see how much it has over-heated. Wait until it cools down and then pull the spark plug wire to check if it is burned from anywhere. If you find a melted of charred spark plug, it can indicate that your auto gasket has blown. However, if you are not aware that your head gasket has blown and you continue driving the vehicle, it would damage the engine beyond repair.

Another indicator of blown head gasket is to check the oil by pulling out the dipstick. If you observe white liquid on it, know that the gasket has blown.

Other than doing this, you also have the option of selling your car to a junk yard. Sell a car with a blown engine to Melbourne Wreckers and get the most of it. It is the best idea when you realise that the cost of repairs for blown head gasket are much more than the vehicle’s fair value.

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