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How to sell a car with a blown engine

If you are trying to sell a car, and your engine is broken, it may be extremely difficult to find a buyer. The reason for this is fairly obvious, but that doesn’t help lessen the psychological distress. When people buy cars, they usually do so because they want to use it for transport. They don’t want to buy a vehicle that needs expensive repairs.

All of this means, of course, that you are going to have to think of a way around this. Especially if the blown engine is going to cost more to fix than it would to just buy a new car. Here are the options you have for getting rid of your broken vehicle:


Sell your car for parts (car dismantling process)

This is an avenue to go down if you consider yourself a do-it-yourself kind of person. Before you get to work, it is essential to make sure that you have all the right tools. If you don’t, you will either have to buy them, or just admit that this road isn’t one you are able to go down. The tools will be quite expensive too. They include an engine hoist to lift the engine out of the car.

As well as the right tools, you will need a lot of space. Then there are the knowledge and know-how that are indispensable for anyone insisting on carrying out this kind of mission. Of course, you do stand to make a good amount of money if you can pull this off, because all the money made from selling parts and materials will be coming straight to you. The chances are, however, that you won’t have any of the things you need to do it in the first place. Most people will have to choose a different option, or they risk screwing everything up and making a giant mess.

Contact Melbourne’s local junk car yards

The other route you could take in the struggle to rid yourself of a vehicle that has a broken engine is haul it off to the local landfill. A variation of this plan is to have it transported to the junkyard. If you do this, it will be important to have all the fluids and other toxic substances removed first. The drawback to this plan is two-fold. First, you might have to pay for the towing or hauling of the vehicle to the junk yard or landfill. The second is the fact that this is bad for the environment. There will still be materials that don’t break down and will pollute the surrounding area. And the fact that you aren’t recycling any of the metal means that it is all wasted, when it can in fact be used.

Sell to a cash for car company in Melbourne, VIC

There are companies out there that buy people’s old, used or unwanted cars off them for the purposes of salvaging the parts and materials. They will remove the car and transport it to their wrecking yard free of charge. As well as that, they will dispose of the vehicle in an environmentally sound manner, according to strict guidelines. And you get paid! This is by far the best option for everyone. So if you have a machine with a broken engine, before you take action, think hard about what you are going to do first.

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