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Sell your car without being ripped off

If you are new to selling cars, you could find that it is a slightly more involved task than what you are normally used to. Sure, the internet has plenty of websites where you can safely sell a vehicle with relatively low amounts of hassle. But when you are new to it, your lack of experience will still put you at risk of being taken advantage of by people with plenty of experience. Here are the ways you can utilise in order to get out of this process alive. Possibly with plenty of money from the sale.

Time to Shower Your Ride

The first thing that you need to do is give your vehicle an amazing wash. Wash it harder than you have ever washed a car before. If you want to have the right psychological impact on prospective buyers, the vehicle needs to look like it is in amazing condition from the get-go.

Furthermore, don’t forget to give it a good wax treatment. Every ounce of effort you can put into this task is well worth it.

Pay special attention to the windows, and don’t neglect the interior of the vehicle either. Vacuum the vehicle, and air it out. Use air fresheners. Buy new floor mats, and as well as new car seat covers, in the event that they are worn. You may want to put touch up paint on your car for any scrapes you may have.

Online Classifieds Should be Appealing

Write up the ad you would like to post on the auto trading websites, and be sure to be both honest and boastful. Mention the cars make, model, odometer reading, and age. If your machine has mechanical issues that you couldn’t fix for whatever reason, be truthful. Include photos that are taken with an eye for composition. Don’t take it at eye level as this will look ordinary. Park in a nice setting, crouch and take the photo from the view of one of the front corners.

Previous Vehicle History Report

Prospective buyers will be more put at ease if they can see all the maintenance records that you have accrued over the months and years. They will show that you haven’t been neglecting your vehicle. It will show that the car is in well looked after condition. If you haven’t been saving these receipts, then you are plum out of luck. Learn from this mistake, and when you buy a new wheels, when you get it serviced remember to keep the receipt somewhere safe.

Most Important – Find Out the Current Market Value

Finally, look online at what price has been put on cars of the same make and model as yours and sell your car for cash now. Have a look at a few different ones if possible. Take note of the condition of the cars, the age and so forth. Pair that with how much they are being sold for and work out how that can be applied to your vehicle. All the best of luck in your car selling endeavours!

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