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Regardless how attached one feels to their car, one day they will need to get rid of it. So when this time comes it’s good to have some helpful tips on how to best sell it to someone, because selling a car can be an uphill battle at the best of times.

But the desired end result is identical for everyone. Handsome remuneration for our efforts. It is possible just to take it to a cash for old cars outfit and get instant cash, or you can trade it in at the dealership. But put in some extra time and energy and the financial rewards can actually live up to their name. Here are some sweet hints that one can use in order to gain that most desirable of outcomes.


Know everything about your vehicle

Anyone who has taken the time to express an interest in your automobile will most likely desire complete knowledge of it before any decision is made. You need to have all the relevant info pertaining to the car ready in your brain, so you can successfully answer all their incessant questioning. Info that includes these things: Mileage, maintenance history, any accidents that have occurred, etc.

Wondering, how much is my car worth? You need to pay some more attention before finding it.

Pay some of inspection charges

Prospective buyers like to have cars inspected before the purchase, preferably by a professional. They normally pay for this, but if you offer to take some percentage of the charge off the price of the car, then the customer will be so impressed they will weep tears of joy.

Clean the car up real good

The old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t apply to the real world, as everyone does this all the time. If prospective customers see a dirty car, how well it performs won’t matter, they will still be less likely to buy it, because they are human, and humans are incredibly shallow. So clean the car until you can clean it no more, and if there are any scratches or dings and dents that can be sorted out, don’t hesitate to pay the small amount to have those issues remedied.

Put an ad in a paper or website

Describe the car as well as you can and put great photos up, and you will increase the amount of people who will want to come and see the car and decide whether to buy it.


Don’t take ages to respond to inquiries

This will make any prospective buyers angry and aggressive, thus lowering the chances of making a sale. So always be prompt and courteous, ensuring that people will treat you the same way. If in doubt, remember the golden rule: don’t take ages to respond to inquiries.

If you find your vehicle scrappy or a piece of trash then you might get a help for old car removals service from the relevant auto recyclers.

In conclusion, hopefully these indispensable tips will make life a lot easier for anyone selling their much beloved vehicle, always remember to clean up after yourself at a family get together. Happy car selling!

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