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How to maintain your vehicle’s cooling system?

It is hard to think of a component of the automobile more important than the cooling system. The parts that make up your average cooling system include such greats as the water pump, thermostat, fan, radiator and coolant. Without them, your engine will be toast. The reason for this? Your engine will get too hot. The cooling system dissipates the heat, preventing overheating, which can irreparably damage your car’s engine.

It’s no surprise then that a damaged or failed cooling system is one of the top problems that automobile owners face. If the cooling system doesn’t do its job, and the engine is damaged beyond repair, the cost of fixing it tends to be more than the value of the car. And that means that now the whole vehicle has become junk, ripe for your local car wreckers to salvage the parts. Here are some handy hints on how to avoid this catastrophe:

Follow the Manual’s Flushing Intervals

Your vehicle’s manual should have instructions for the intervals that you need to follow when flushing the cooling system. Your cooling system accumulates debris such as dirt and sediments. They have the potential to clog the radiator if you don’t flush the system, also damaging the water pump. That is why it is important to do this.

Keep Alert for Signs that the System is Having Problems

Keeping an eye out for these signs includes watching the temperature gauge like a hawk. Have a look at the undercarriage, just in case there are any leaks. Listen out for the sounds of hissing. Any smells that are in an acidic, pungent category, while the car’s temperature is normal may mean that you have a leak on your hands.

Keep the Radiator Full All the Time

There will be instructions in your car manual to tell you exactly how doing this for your particular ride. If the vehicle has just been running, you need to wait until everything cools down. The best time to do this is if you have let it cool down overnight.

If everything is sufficiently cool, then you can remove the radiator cap after placing a dry towel on it. Don’t remove it straight away, as you need to allow for the pressure to escape first. If you don’t, you can get scalded. Have a look at the coolant levels, and if they are low, fill it up with half coolant, and half water.

Refill the Coolant Reservoir Tank

The general rule for refilling your coolant reservoir tank is that it needs to be done every three years, or every 48,000km.

If Necessary Get Professional Help

Have you discovered a leak or any other fault in your vehicle’s cooling system?  If you don’t know how to fix it, it is wise to get it seen by the local mechanic. Putting it off may just cost you the whole car. So remember, keep an eye on that cooling system, and your car will last a lot longer. Also, for the future reference, you might get the top cash for your car. The maintaining cooling System also helps in the long summer trips.

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