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How to avoid these critical mistakes when selling your car?

Selling a car on your own means you will have to face a lot of hassles. However, it could be a profitable and quick way to sell a vehicle on your own.

But if you want to go through the selling process smoothly and safely, be cautious when trading with the potential buyers. Check out 8 ways second hand car buyers can trick you.

This is how you can reduce the risk of getting ripped off by fraudsters. Our post might help you to avoid critical mistakes and ensure a safe and easy selling process.


Before you arrange meeting with used car dealers

Before you meet the potential buyers or schedule for viewing, consider the following important points. Eventually the whole process of selling a used vehicle will go on in a satisfactory way without any issues.

  • Get your vehicle cleaned and detailed- If you want to get a good deal for your car, take it to your trusty auto mechanic and get it waxed and polished. According to a survey one out six people will pay you less for a messed up automobile.
  • Give concise and clear description of your auto in your advert. Make sure to list the damages or faults in your detail, if there are any. The more honestly you will describe your automobile, the lesser will be the chances getting indulged into problems.
  • Don’t forget to take clear and good photographs- This is very important in order to make a good impression in the mind of your buyers. Generally, people tend to ignore advertisements that don’t have photos. As this it shows the actual condition of the car.
  • Organise all the essential paperwork, including the ownership title, service records and Mot Certificate.

Also, check out how to make an old car ready for sale.

When meeting the buyer

The moment you find a buyer for your vehicle, you are one step closer to the end of the selling process. Now the next step will be arranging the viewing.  Here are easy-to-follow tips that will help you to deal with the purchaser smartly.

  • Try to schedule the meeting at a public place or most possibly at your home. That will be the safest place to meet.
  • Take your close friend or relative with you when meeting the potential buyer. Most of the buyers do the same to feel safer.
  • Accompany the buyer on test-drives- Never allow the buyer to test-drive the vehicle alone, as they can easily fraud you and won’t return it back.
  • Don’t forget to remove the car keys before leaving it after a test-drive.
  • Inform the buyer that if the vehicle get involved in any crash during test-drive then he will be liable for the damages.
  • As you can expect the buyer will try to get a deal in his favour. So, be prepared to haggle and don’t sell the vehicle at a price that don’t satisfy you. However, make sure to set a negotiable price.

Finalising the deal and receiving the payment

Finally, you and the buyers have reached a negotiable price and want to settle the deal. Great! Here, take a look at what to do next.

  • Don’t hand over the paperwork, until you get the payment in full.
  • Make sure to check the buyer’s ID proof and ask for his contact details as well. In case the buyer seems uninterested or unwilling to share the former details with you, ask them to sign over the sales agreement. This will protect both of you from prospective problems.
  • Don’t give the vehicle to the new owner before receiving the funds, no matter if you have to wait for a few days for the payment to get cleared.
  • If you are getting the payment in cash, take the new owner to the bank to deposit the money in your account. Always take your time to count the money before depositing.
  • Be responsible and inform the DLVA that your vehicle has been sold out and also cancel the insurance policy immediately.
  • Prepare two identical invoices containing all essential details about the vehicle, purchasing date and signed by both new and the previous owners. The invoice should also state that the automobile is no longer in the possession of the previous owner.

Find your local cash for cars Sydney dealer today and make the risk free auto trading.

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