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How to know when it’s the best time to buy an Electric Car?

If you are planning to shop for your next Electric Car, then you can consider to commute in a vehicle fuelled with electrons instead of hydrocarbons. Of course, it can be a smart financial choice for vehicle owners to switch to electric cars, particularly when it’s a much better option than gas guzzlers which are dangerous for the environment.


Current sales stats

In fact, sales of electric vehicles have escalated greatly in Australia during the first four months of 2017. In the April, passenger vehicle sales were booming for more than 70%. Over the first four months of the year a slight rise of 20%.

If you have a look at the sales of battery-powered SUVs, their number has increased up to 200% for the month and it is expected to rise even more during the year 2017.

The most shocking fact is that over 9000 vehicles. With conventional engine have been moved so far for every single electric car sale in 2017. However, those numbers are still misrepresented because Tesla has politely refused to disclose the exact number of automobiles sold.

Discussion over the latest technology

But when the auto manufacturers all over the world are talking about the advantages of electric vehicles why they produce in fewer numbers. Most of the auto makers points the lack of government support to be the main cause for this issue. They encourage new auto buyers to switch to electric cars over fuel-burning automobiles.

The popular brands like Nissan and BMW are have been requesting the government to counterbalance the huge costs of having an electric vehicle. The government should also step forward and help these automakers by balancing some of the costs.

However, there vehicle makers don’t get much incentives to roll out recharging infrastructure that is publicly accessible, so it happens very slowly.

The shortfall of public infrastructure is successively a huge turn-off for customers who are afraid to buy electric cars thinking that they will run out of battery while traveling somewhere between Point A and Point B.

Shortage of recharging stations

Even though there are a few free recharging stations, but they are usually located at the shopping centres. As a result, there’s an economic benefit for the Centre’s management as drivers often spend some money on a cup of coffee. While their auto’s charge and also spend hundreds of dollars on clothes purchased from the shops in the center.

Car makers also offer some concessions to encourage people to purchase electric vehicles. For example, you can purchase a BMW-badged i3 electric automobile for $61,800. Or a plug-in- petrol-electric hybrid vehicle of German brand at just the push of a button. The company will offer you a service of recharging the automobile through a network of nationwide Charge Point stations.

Different Brands

Furthermore, if you purchase the Californian Tesla Model S, the automaker will provide you about 1600km of free electricity for one year through its widespread network of public Supercharger stations.

The Nissan’s $39,990 Leaf which was the Australia’s top-selling electric car has recently fallen off the market. This because Japanese automakers have decided to produce a new model that manufactures the automobile’s borderline-useful electric range in order to make it more attractive to customers.

It has been also heard that Renault is interested to produce its new-generation Zoe which is a compact and elegant battery-powered hatchback in Australia. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV which is a mid-size SUV. We also know it as an electric automobile.

Although it has a fuel-powered 2.0-litre engine under its bonnet. Which is used for recharging the batteries. But sometimes it can be also run on the front wheels.

There are other cars that will run short distances on electricity alone, but are good as hybrids, not electric vehicles. For some auto owners it can be a very expensive plan to install a wall charger for recharging your auto at home.

Generally, it can cost even more than a thousand of dollars and is based on the distance of the commute. And, you could still have to plug in the automobile every day to juice it up. Sometimes it can be a real blight, so automakers are working to produce a wireless charging system.

But at the moment, the prices of petrol are very inexpensive. Making it more expensive to purchase electric automobiles over the conventional ones. So, it’s not really the best time to purchase an electric vehicle.

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