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Who buys totalled cars in Melbourne?

The reality of car accidents is a fact of life that society as a whole must always be prepared for. When they occur the most important concern is for the wellbeing of the victims, regardless of who was in the wrong or right. After all that, though, a thought must be spared for the totalled vehicle. Unfortunately, it will probably be too costly to repair the damage. The alternative is to keep it, which would be assumed to be out of the question for most people.

There is another avenue that you can take. It also turns out to be the best one. This is the option that involves getting paid to have your machine removed. It sounds a lot better than having to suffer through the headache of trying other ways to see the back of a completely wrecked vehicle, doesn’t it?

Auto removal companies are outfits that buy old and damaged cars and make money from recycling them. Sometimes they are called cash for cars companies.


How it’s done?

Find a car removal company online, preferably in your area. In fact, they have to be in your area, otherwise they will probably object to driving all the way to your house.

Either contact them by phone, or conversely if they have special online forms you can contact them using that method. Basically, you will be describing your wrecked automobile in full detail. This will help them estimate a cash quote for you.

After that they will contact you and set up a time for them to visit and inspect the machine. Before this happens it is important that you clean the vehicle out on the inside, by removing any junk and personal belongings. Remove the license plates, get together all the documentation, including your ID and the vehicle ownership title.

When the vehicle is bought off you, it is removed for free. Selling a totalled car couldn’t be easier!

What happens to the car?

Once it gets back to the cash for cars wrecking yard, the vehicle in question will go through a number of steps in its metamorphosis from automobile to used parts and scrap material. First, it has all the still working components removed. These are the most valuable resource on the vehicle and are a sweet source of revenue for the company, as they will add these components to their inventory of used parts to be sold. Any and all fluids will be drained and recycled properly.

The tyres are removed to be resold as spare tyres OR recycled by another company. The shell of the car is crushed, shredded and the metal separated from the plastics and rubber material that makes up the vehicle. These materials are sold to scrap metal companies and so forth.

Environmentally friendly

Getting cash for a totalled car has another benefit. This whole process is a godsend for people worried about the direction our environment is going in, what with climate change and sea pollution. So this method will help those with concerns such as the ones described sleep at night.

Finally, please get in touch with us and get a quote for your totalled car today.

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