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    Cash for Old Car in Melbourne

    We Pay Maximum Cash for Old Cars in Melbourne, VIC

    Broken down vehicles that are too expensive to fix are called junk cars, or “clunkers”. They are easy enough to get rid of. Once upon a time that required to pay the local towing company a bit of money, but times have changed. Now people contact their local “Cash for Cars Company”. This company will pay the person that owns the vehicle to take it off their hands. It sounds weird at first, but that’s how it happens. They perform a service for you and then they pay you Cash for Old Car in Melbourne.

    At Used Car Buyer Melbourne, we are one such company. The crew doesn’t just buy clunkers either, as we also buy old cars. We will even buy a brand new vehicle if anyone were to offer one for us to buy. Sell your car for free and enjoy the top money in return.


    We Pay up to $9’999

    If you have a car that you would like to get rid of, you can rest easy when selling to us in the knowledge that you will be getting just as much as you would be getting if you were to sell it via the normal channels. The amount you receive does depend on its condition, along with other variables we pay good Cash for Old Car in Melbourne.

    Give us a call or fill out a form on our website and before you know it your unwanted automobile will be replaced with cash in amounts between $100 and $9999. Check out the benefits of using cash for car service in Melbourne.

    We Provide Free Removal All Over Melbourne, Victoria

    If your vehicle fits the description of a clunker, you won’t be blamed for wanting to get rid of it. But you may be wondering how you will be getting it to our place of business for us to inspect it give a final offer. You needn’t worry as we will come to your place. We look at the automobile and pay you on the spot, before hauling it away. We do this for people whose vehicles are in working condition as well.


    It Matters not What Condition the Car is in

    If there was a scale, and on one end was completely and utterly wrecked, burned to a crisp and eaten up by rust, and on the other was brand new, we buy vehicles that fit anywhere on that scale. The reason for this is that regardless of the vehicle’s state of disrepair, there will always be something worth salvaging on it.

    Don’t Be Shy-Contact us

    There are so many reputable companies in Australia, where you can sell your car online, however, just make sure that you are getting the best price for your vehicle. There is the aforementioned form on our website, and the phone number (04 1170 4458). If you want to sell your car and you don’t have the time or patience to sell privately, sell to us. We offer top cash and convenience.