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    Cash for Used Trucks

    If your truck no longer meets your high expectations of how a truck should be and you want to see the back of it, selling it privately might be the last thing you want to do we pay good cash for used trucks Melbourne. Mainly due to the time, effort, and stress that you go through when trying to sell automobiles. You can bypass all of that simply by selling your truck to us here at Used Car Buyer Melbourne. We buy used cars, trucks, vans, Utes & 4x4s.


    We are Melbourne’s go-to company for all its truck removal needs. This is because not only do we provide a convenient service, but we also pay the most amount of cash.

    Get a Free Cash Quote from Us

    The process behind getting a quote is so simple and easy that it’s a crime. All you need to do is contact us via phone or online form and provide us with the age, make, model, and condition of your truck. The estimate you receive in no time at all will be both fair and accurate. Not only that, but you can use it to compare to our competitors, as there is no obligation. Check out how to get the used truck valuation in Melbourne.

    We Want All Makes and Models

    If your truck is a make or model that is obscure then you will still have no trouble selling to us. We buy all models, all makes, and all types of trucks. There isn’t a truck that we will say no to. So Call us at 04 1170 4458 or fill out the form online. From Hino, Mazda, we buy all major truck brands at great prices, just get in touch and find out how much you can save for your old vehicle.

    Get Your Truck Removed for Free

    You need not worry about how you are going to get the truck in question to our place of business. Why? Because we will do it for you. We do it for free because we do it after we pay for the truck. Once money has changed hands it is only fair that it be our responsibility to transport the truck to our salvage yard. This service is great for folk whose truck doesn’t run or is not road-worthy for some other reason. We offer the fastest same-day removal services through Melbourne, VIC.


    We Want Trucks in All Conditions

    There is no level of disrepair that makes us run in the other direction. No matter how gone your truck is, there will be parts and materials on it that can be salvaged and re-used. So if your truck has been completely burned or damaged by water. Or even if it has been totaled in an accident we pay good cash for used trucks in Melbourne.

    There is so much reputed cash for truck companies through Australia where you can sell your car for free. However, only limited service providers can offer you the best cash price with excellent services.