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How to improve the value of your car?

car valuations online

Like most of the other assets cars do not appreciate in worth as they age or gets older. According to a survey, the moment a new car is driven off the lot it loses as much as 20% of its value. But you can hold on to your beloved vehicle for longer and preserve more

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Cash for car buyer in Melbourne


There is no up-side to having a vehicle that you want to get rid of other than looking forward to never seeing it again. The reasons people have for wanting to be free of any specific automobile are a dime a dozen. But you can be rest assured that whatever it is about your ride

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How to Use Free Car Valuation to Set a Decent Selling Price?


Your car may be completely totalled, or it may be brand new. Either way, if your desire is to sell it. You would be wise to take advantage of free car valuation in order to place a reasonable value on it. Having a positive outcome. However, will require careful considerations to be mulled over. Here

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Practical Used Car Buying Tips


Are you planning to buy pre-owned wheels? If yes, then we have got some implications for you to make your buying experience good. As many of you may find it daunting or terrific. These easy-to-understand tips will help you to find the right wheels without getting screwed: Plan your budget Vehicles come in all price

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Selling a car for cash that is under finance

Selling a car for cash that is under finance flyer22

Selling a car isn’t always easy. There can be hurdles, either expected or unexpected, to exchanging the for sale automobile for the money. If the car is entirely yours, then a whole bunch of any possible hassle is solved right there. Because, as it turns out, it is actually a bit harder to sell a

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How to negotiate the car price?


After shopping around, finding a used car that meets your impeccable standards, inspecting it and finding it has everything you ever hoped for and more, the time will come where you have to get down to brass tacks. I’m talking about the price. The seller of the vehicle may have written a specific number in

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How to make an old car ready for sale?


The time has come to replace your old car with a better one. This could be for any reason. Maybe the old car works fine, but you have finally saved up for a brand new state of the art vehicle, so the old one has to go. Whatever the reason is, it’s time to start

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My Car has nearly reached the end of its life – what are my options?

old merc broken

When your backyard or garage is having its valuable space taken up by old car, whose main interest seems to be breaking down seemingly every other day, Used Car Dealer Melbourne is the solution to this heart-breaking situation, and far better than the soul crushing activity of trying to sell through normal means. This is

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Pros and Cons of Trading In Your Old Car

trade in used car Melbourne flyer

Getting a new car can be a mildly stressful process. First, you have to sell the old one, a process that isn’t made any easier if you have always loved that automobile. Then the hunt is on for a new used or brand new vehicle to purchase. This hunt is fraught with perils. If you

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Get Cash for your car without the hassle


The old car that has been getting you to and from work for years has been breaking down an awful lot lately, and the sad realization that you are going to have to sell it and buy another one has slowly dawned on you.  So you put an ad for it in all the local

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