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Where to sell my unregistered car in Melbourne?

If you live in Melbourne, VIC and have an unregistered car parked in your carport, then it can be difficult for you to get rid of it. But it is not impossible either. The first option that will come to you when selling your unregistered car will be Cash for Car companies. But then you will need to tell them the reason for not having its title at hand.

This is where you will have to face the problem. There can be various reasons for not having the title. Maybe someone left the automobile in your back lawn as abandoned or just gave it to you to get rid of it. Whatever the reason might be, it will trouble you while selling the vehicle.

Don’t worry! There are still many options you can go forward to get rid of the abandoned wheels. Selling an abandoned car with no papers?

We have listed below some good solutions which will help you to sell your abandoned car in Melbourne, Victoria.


Sell it to the Auto Dismantlers

This is the best possible option to get rid of your old clunker even if you don’t have the ownership papers. These firms remove all automobiles, whether registered or unregistered and in all conditions (good or bad). Not only this, they will also pay you the best value for your old clunker.

You can search for best auto removals or cash for scrap car firms on the internet. Many of them also offer free towing service. And if you are an environment lover then wrecking yard is the appropriate place to sell your old wheels. These people are professional recyclers and follow eco-friendly ways to dispose junk vehicles. As for the paperwork, they even take care of it responsibly without causing the owner any trouble. This is why they serve as a perfect solution to sell an unwanted or unregistered scrap car. Check out How to sell a car for scrap with no papers?

Dismantle it yourself

Even if the cash for junk car companies and second hand car buyers didn’t work for you, then you can try dismantling your vehicle by yourself. Although it will be time consuming and but profitable at the same time. If you have a good mechanical knowledge you will be able to do it easily.

All you will have to do is wreck the automobile into pieces with the help of dismantling tools and remove its useable parts. You can sell these useable parts on their relevant websites and rest of the scrap metal to scrap yards for good money.

Call your city officials

If none of the above option work for you, then the last option is to contact your city council officials. In most of the cities, councils are assigned with responsibility to remove abandoned vehicles. You can tell them that you have an abandoned vehicle parked on your property and they will haul it away.

Other than this, you can also try calling an individual towing company if they tow abandoned automobiles.

In few words

The sight of abandoned vehicle littering up your driveway will be very irritating but don’t panic. Try all of our above solutions patiently and we are sure you will be able to get rid of the abandoned vehicle. 

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