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How Risky is Selling Your Car privately?

The process of selling one’s car seems like it should be pretty straightforward. Selling a car privately just for cash?

Make the appropriate preparations for the vehicle, fix any dents, clean it up, put an ad online with a nice picture, and you’re away! But it turns out that the next part is littered with metaphorical landmines. Each one waiting to explode and ruin all the good times that you would normally associate with going through the whole car selling process.

So how risky is selling your car, exactly? Here are a few of the risks that are part and parcel of the whole process. Consider them and better to get in touch with the Cash for Car business.

How Risky is Selling your car privately?

Beware Scammers

They are like sharks in the sea, in that you can’t see them coming, and they will bite huge chunks out of your bank account when you least expect it. They usually avoid meeting in person, often claim to be overseas, and the money they offer tends to be too good to be true. It only becomes obvious when they insist on doing transactions through PayPal, and are asking for you to send money to them for shipping after sending phony PayPal receipts showing “payments” made to your account.

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Frustrated customers

If you Selling your car privately to someone, and a few days later it breaks down, you will have an angry customer calling you on your phone, possibly containing their emotions in a professional manner, or worse, losing it completely and verbally abusing you. Worst case scenario would be threats of physical violence.

Aside from taking karate classes, it is always important to get the car checked out professionally before selling. Handing over a full service history before any money changes hands is also good business.

Failing to sell the car

It goes without saying that there is a slight risk of not being able to get the car sold. If this is the case, and you are sure you have done all you can to make the car an attractive purchase for prospective customers, it might be time for you to admit to yourself that what you have on your hands is a junk car, and the best thing to do is ring a Used Car Buyer Melbourne and have them buy it off you. Some will even come and pick it free of charge.

Time Wasters

People who call up saying they want to see your car, but they never show up. Or they do show up, but they have no money. Sometimes they are known colloquially as “tyre kickers”, because they kick the tyres in a fashion that makes it seem as if they can gain valuable information from the action. These people have no respect for the value of time. It is a precious commodity that is in short supply nowadays.

Hopefully this will serve as a guide for people and the world will be a much safer and happier place for people who wish to sell their car privately. If it doesn’t, then I will take personal responsibility.

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